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Is your success intimidating those you lead?

If you are a leader and you have a lot of successes under your belt, you’re likely being admired. When taking the lead of your team, early on, most of the people on it were probably impressed with your accomplishments.  But,...

Life is not static, it is always changing around us and in us. Our attitude is the same, it never just gets to a point that it stays the same. When our attitude begins to improve, we often look at others and judge whether their attitude is good or bad based on our own....

Why bother with a one quart a week customer?

Do you value "every" customer? 

In David J. Schwartz’s timeless book, The Magic of Thinking Big, he teaches a principle of seeing things as they "can be". There are several examples in this book, but one that stood out to me w...

Teams are by nature very territorial and possessive, especially high producing, quality teams. Often these types of teams don't initially want others on the team. Why? Well, sometimes for some really good reasons. Quality will suffer, time will be spent training rather...

Putting Out Too Many Fires Lately?

                                     What’s more productive over time, firefighting or fire prevention?...

What’s That Smell? Attitude!

What in the world is that terrible smell? Have you ever asked that question? We all have and when we ask the question, we end up on a search for the source so we can eliminate it don’t we? When we forget, or just plain don’t take out the tra...

Nobody wants or likes change except the person who thought of it! Think about it for a moment. Leaders say they like change but they only like change when it’s his or her own idea! The only thing that never changes, is CHANGE!

I’ve been guilty of saying I like change, t...

As a leader and influencer, have you ever been frustrated that your organization or team seems to be stuck? 

Have you ever said to yourself things like, "If I could just get my team to understand the importance of growing and moving forward," or "I just understand why p...

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Hiring, Is it a Leader Thing, or a Team Thing?

June 21, 2019

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