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Hiring, Is it a Leader Thing, or a Team Thing?

Teams are by nature very territorial and possessive, especially high producing, quality teams. Often these types of teams don't initially want others on the team. Why? Well, sometimes for some really good reasons. Quality will suffer, time will be spent training rather than producing, personalities will be different, etc. If a leader doesn’t understand these concerns and deal with them, the team will often sabotage a newcomer’s success. All of this can be avoided, but it takes a leadership choice and action to do so. I learned a great lesson by watching Terri, my wife, hire staff. She would run the candidates by the team, get their input, positive and negative, and narrow down the candidates

Putting Out Too Many Fires Lately?

Putting Out Too Many Fires Lately? What’s more productive over time, firefighting or fire prevention? Does it seem that every time you think things are going to be okay, another problem seems to pop up out of nowhere? I know I’ve been there; feeling the frustration of not believing I’d ever get time to get back to working on that new project I had been hoping to get underway. My focus turned from the exciting creating mode to the problem solving mode. Sometimes it was equipment breakdown that needed immediate attention. Sometimes it was helping members of the team to resolve a relationship or teamwork problem. When our momentum consistently shifts from putting out the fires that seem to pop

What's That Smell?!

What’s That Smell? Attitude! What in the world is that terrible smell? Have you ever asked that question? We all have and when we ask the question, we end up on a search for the source so we can eliminate it don’t we? When we forget, or just plain don’t take out the trash, it’s not long before the smell is unpleasant. Right? You might be wondering, "What does this have to do with attitude?" Well, let’s explore this from a human emotion perspective. We are all human and we all possess emotions don’t we? When things are going good, most people can have a positive outlook and cheery disposition, but when things get tough, our emotional state usually changes. That’s natural isn’t it? I remember

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