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Attitude Adjustment

Life is not static, it is always changing around us and in us. Our attitude is the same, it never just gets to a point that it stays the same. When our attitude begins to improve, we often look at others and judge whether their attitude is good or bad based on our own. Attitudes can change in an instant and they can change over time, but one thing is true, attitude is in a constant state of change. What does that mean for each of us? Our attitude needs constant monitoring and improvement. When I begin to compare my attitude to others, it’s because I am failing to be conscious that my own attitude needs adjustment at that time. My attitude is the only thing I have complete control of. Attitud


Why bother with a one quart a week customer? Do you value "every" customer? In David J. Schwartz’s timeless book, The Magic of Thinking Big, he teaches a principle of seeing things as they "can be". There are several examples in this book, but one that stood out to me was the story of “The Blind Milkman.” Back in the days when milk was delivered to our doorstep, a young milkman came to the author’s door soliciting new customers. When the author told him he already had a delivery service and was very happy with them, he suggested that he go next door and ask his neighbor. The young man said, “I’ve already talked to the lady next door, but they only use one quart of milk every two days, and th

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