Attitude Adjustment

Life is not static, it is always changing around us and in us. Our attitude is the same, it never just gets to a point that it stays the same. When our attitude begins to improve, we often look at others and judge whether their attitude is good or bad based on our own. Attitudes can change in an instant and they can change over time, but one thing is true, attitude is in a constant state of change. What does that mean for each of us?

Our attitude needs constant monitoring and improvement. When I begin to compare my attitude to others, it’s because I am failing to be conscious that my own attitude needs adjustment at that time.

My attitude is the only thing I have complete control of. Attitude shows up in actions, shaped by words originating in thought. I am not responsible for the attitude of others, but I am responsible to them because attitude is a choice. The same goes for us all.

Constantly reflect on your own attitude and gather feedback from as many sources as possible. Why? Because “attitude determines your altitude, not your aptitude.” Sure, talent and ability will open doors for us, but our attitude is what keeps them open and gives us a pathway to more open doors.

There are three keys to keeping our attitude in check. Today I want to share one with you.

Be Authentic – Stay True to Your Higher Self

There are many good people in the world with bad attitudes. I am often one of those people, and I bet you are too at times. Many will say what they want to at any given moment and justify it by saying things like: “I’m just being me. I don’t fake it.” It is a positive quality to be authentic, but being authentic doesn’t mean we have the right to be inconsiderate our unkind

Maturity brings out the real you, a person who examines their words before speaking. Holding back an unkind word is not being unauthentic, it is a person who has considered consequences and others first. Truth spoken without love or consideration kills, while truth spoken with love heals and gives life.

This truth is why it is so important to know your personality and gifting. Each gift or strength has a downside and understanding this helps us know why we think and tend to say things the way we do.

With good intention we often address the attitude of others and because attitude is not tangible, we sometimes judge subjectively. When we learn to focus on behaviors and actions rather than intention, we are starting to understand how to say things that empower rather than destroy a person and our relationships.

Here is a guide to help you guide conversations to help you stay authentic and speak truth without harming others. I learned the core of these principles from the Achieve Global consulting company:

  1. Think beyond the moment.

  2. Lead by example.

  3. Take initiative to make things better.

  4. Maintain constructive relationships.

  5. Maintain the self confidence and self-esteem of others.

  6. Focus on the situation, issue or behavior, not on the person.

  7. Empower others to repeat this process and lead others to them and through them.

Come back next week to discover keys two and three.

Have a great week!

Dave Beavers - Slaying the Giants Hinder Personal Growth, Teamwork, and Leadership!

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