Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Let us come alongside you, or you and your team to share this powerful teaching on how to win by using our mistakes to move us forward.

Mistakes in life are inevitable, and most of us would want others to understand and help us past our mistakes, but often, we are too hard on ourselves, and on others because we misunderstand failing. 

Failing isn't failure unless we give up!

These thirteen powerful lessons will help to equip you and your team to embrace learning, learning from your own mistakes and of those who have gone before us.

We have several ways to bring this teaching to you, whether speaking to your team, group, or organization to Master Mind Group study, to Lunch and Learn Workshops,  or even one-on-one personal coaching. 

One-on-One Coaching

10 One hour sessions (in person within 35 miles)

(Includes book and study guide)                                                     

(Distances longer than 35 miles will be done via web or phone)                                               $499.99

Master Mind Group Training

10 One Hour LIVE Training Sessions

Up to 10 students Limit of 10 people per class

(within 35 miles-contact us for longer distances)                      

Book and study guides included                                                                         $999.99 


Public Speaker-1 Hour